Important safety notes

Your vehicle may be equipped with a sliding sunroof or a panorama roof with power tilt/ sliding panel. In the following section, the term "sliding sunroof" refers to both types of sliding sunroof.

When opening or closing the sliding sunroof, make sure that there is no danger of anyone being harmed by the opening/closing procedure.

The sliding sunroof is equipped with automatic operation and the anti-entrapment feature. If the movement of the sliding sunroof is blocked during the closing procedure, the sliding sunroof will stop and open slightly.

The sliding sunroof operates differently when the sliding sunroof switch is pressed and held.

See the "Problems with the sliding sunroof" section for more details.

The opening/closing procedure of the sliding sunroof can be immediately halted by releasing the sliding sunroof switch or, if the sliding sunroof switch was moved past the resistance point and released, by moving the sliding sunroof switch in any direction.

The sliding sunroof is made out of glass. In the event of an accident, the glass may shatter.

This may result in an opening in the roof.

In a vehicle rollover, occupants not wearing their seat belts or not wearing them properly may be thrown out of the opening. Such an opening also presents a potential for injury for occupants wearing their seat belts properly, as entire body parts or portions of them may protrude from the passenger compartment.

Only open the sliding sunroof if it is free of snow and ice. Otherwise, malfunctions may occur.

Do not allow anything to protrude from the sliding sunroof. Otherwise, the seals could be damaged.

The weather can change abruptly. It could start to rain or snow. Make sure that the sliding sunroof is closed when you leave the vehicle. The vehicle electronics can be damaged if water enters the vehicle interior.

Resonance noises can occur in addition to the usual airflow noises when the sliding sunroof is open. They are caused by minor pressure fluctuations in the vehicle interior.

Change the position of the sliding sunroof or open a side window slightly to reduce or eliminate these noises.

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