Unlocking the trunk (Sedan)

The trunk lid swings upwards when opened. Therefore, make sure that there is sufficient clearance above the trunk lid.

If the trunk cannot be unlocked with the SmartKey or KEYLESS-GO, use the mechanical key.

If you use the mechanical key to unlock and open the trunk lid, the anti-theft alarm system will be triggered.

Х► Take the mechanical key out of the SmartKey.
Х► Insert the mechanical key into the trunk lid lock as far as the stop.

Х► Turn the mechanical key counter-clockwise

Х► Turn the mechanical key counter-clockwise from position 1 as far as it will go to position 2.

The trunk is unlocked.

Х► Turn the mechanical key back to position 1 and remove it.

Х► Insert the mechanical key into the SmartKey.

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