Limiting the opening angle of the tailgate (Wagon)

Important safety notes

You can limit the opening angle of the tailgate. This is possible in the top half of its opening range, up to approximately 8 in (20 cm) before the stop.

Make sure there is sufficient clearance to open the tailgate fully when setting the opening angle. The tailgate could otherwise be damaged. Ideally, set the opening angle outside.


Х► To open the tailgate: pull the handle on the tailgate.

Х► To stop the opening procedure at the desired position: press the closing button (Y page 86) in the tailgate or pull the handle on the outside of the tailgate again.

Х► To store the position: press and hold the closing button in the tailgate until you hear a short tone.

The opening angle limiter is activated. The tailgate will now stop in the stored position when opening.


Х► Press and hold the closing button in the tailgate until you hear two short tones.

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