Opening/closing automatically from inside

Keep an eye on the area at the rear end of the vehicle when operating the trunk lid/tailgate with the remote operating switch on the door.

Monitor the entire closing procedure to ensure that there is no risk of injury to anyone near the vehicle.

Release the switch on the door to interrupt the closing procedure.

The remote operating switch can also be used if the SmartKey has been removed from the starter switch or the KEYLESS-GO key has been removed from the vehicle. Never leave children with no adult supervision in the vehicle or with access to an unlocked vehicle.

If unsupervised children have access to a vehicle, it could lead to an accident and/or serious injury.

Ensure that the trunk lid/tailgate is closed when the engine is running and the vehicle is in motion. Among other dangers, deadly carbon monoxide (CO) may enter the vehicle interior and cause unconsciousness and even death.

You can open and close the trunk lid/tailgate from the driver's seat when the vehicle is stationary and unlocked.

Х► To open: pull remote operating switch for

Х► To open: pull remote operating switch for trunk lid/tailgate 1 until the trunk lid/ tailgate opens.

Х► To close (Sedan): press remote operating switch for trunk lid 1 until the trunk lid is closed.

Х► To close (Wagon): turn the SmartKey to position 1 or 2 in the ignition lock.

Х► Press remote operating switch for tailgate 1 until the tailgate is closed.

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