Locking the vehicle (mechanical key)

If the vehicle can no longer be locked with the SmartKey, use the mechanical key.

Х► Open the driver's door.
Х► Close the front-passenger door, the rear doors and the trunk lid/tailgate.
Х► Press the locking button.
Х► Check whether the locking knobs on the front-passenger door and the rear doors are still visible. Press down the locking knobs by hand, if necessary.
Х► Close the driver's door.
Х► Take the mechanical key out of the SmartKey
Х► Insert the mechanical key into the lock of the driver's door as far as it will go.

Х► Turn the mechanical key clockwise as far

Х► Turn the mechanical key clockwise as far as it will go to position 1.
Х► Turn the mechanical key back and remove it.
Х► Make sure that the doors and the trunk lid/ tailgate are locked.
Х► Insert the mechanical key into the SmartKey.

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