Changing the battery

You require a CR 2025 3 V cell battery.

Х► Take the mechanical key out of the SmartKey

Х► Press mechanical key 2 into the opening

Х► Press mechanical key 2 into the opening in the SmartKey in the direction of the arrow until battery tray cover 1 opens.

When doing so, do not hold cover 1 shut.

Х► Remove battery tray cover 1.

Х► Repeatedly tap the SmartKey against your

Х► Repeatedly tap the SmartKey against your palm until battery 3 falls out.

Х► Insert the new battery with the positive terminal facing upwards. Use a lint-free cloth to do so.

Х► Make sure that the surface of the battery is free from lint, grease and all other forms of contamination.

Х► Insert the front tabs of battery tray cover 1 and then press to close it.

Х► Insert the mechanical key into the SmartKey.

Х► Check the function of all SmartKey buttons on the vehicle.

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