Deactivating/activating ESP (except AMG vehicles)

ESP should not be deactivated during normal driving other than in the circumstances described below. Disabling the system will reduce vehicle stability in driving maneuvers.

Do not deactivate ESP when the emergency or spare wheel is mounted.

ESP is activated automatically when the engine is started.

It may be best to deactivate ESP in the following situations:
- when using snow chains
- in deep snow
- on sand or gravel

Switch on ESP immediately if one of the previously stated conditions is no longer met.

Otherwise, ESP cannot stabilize the vehicle if it begins to lurch or when a wheel spins.

If you deactivate ESP:
- ESP no longer improves driving stability.
- the engine's torque is no longer limited and the drive wheels can spin. The spinning of the wheels results in a cutting action, which provides better grip.
- traction control is still activated.
- ESP still provides support when you brake.
If ESP is deactivated and one or more wheels start to spin, the lamp in ESP warning lamp in the instrument cluster flashes. In such situations, ESP will not stabilize the vehicle.

To deactivate:. The instrument cluster lights up. ESP OFF warning lamp in the instrument cluster lights up.

When the is lit, ESP OFF warning lamp is lit, ESP is deactivated.

If the ESP OFF warning lamp remain lit, ESP warning lamp and the ESP is not available due to a malfunction. ESP OFF warning lamp remain lit, ESP is not available due to a malfunction.

When ESP is deactivated or not operational, vehicle stability in standard driving maneuvers is reduced.

Adapt your speed and driving to the prevailing road conditions and to the non-operating status of the ESP.

Avoid spinning the driven wheels for an extended period with ESP deactivated.

You could otherwise damage the drivetrain.

► To activate:.

The the ESP OFF warning lamp in the instrument cluster goes out.

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