Overview of Tire Quality Grading Standards

The Uniform Tire Quality Grading is a U.S.

The Uniform Tire Quality Grading is a U.S.

Government requirement. Their purpose is to provide drivers with consistent and reliable information regarding tire performance. Tire manufacturers are required to grade tires using three performance factors: tread wear 1, tire traction 2, and temperature resistance 3. Although not a Government of Canada requirement, all tires made for sale in North America have these grades branded on the sidewall.

vehiclespecific The actual values for tires are vehiclespecific and may deviate from the values in the illustration.

Where applicable, the tire grading information can be found on the tire sidewall between the tread shoulder and maximum tire width.

For example:

All passenger car tires must conform to the

All passenger car tires must conform to the statutory safety requirements in addition to these grades.

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