New dimensions in energy efficiency

The performance of the Mercedes-Benz M-Class engines becomes particularly apparent when looking at the reduced energy requirements coupled with a marked increase in power output per litre for the three M-Class generations since 1997. Comparison of the weight-specific consumption figures (l/100 km per 100 kg) reveals the tremendous development potential of the conventional internal combustion engine:

Long-distance champion: a high level of efficiency ensures a long range

The range for a full tank of fuel on the new M-Class is particularly impressive. This parameter is very important for a vehicle that knows virtually no bounds. Here, the ML 250 BlueTEC 4MATIC - the most economical SUV in its class by far - stands out. With NEDC consumption of 6.0 l/100 km, the frugal diesel engine with the standard 70-litre tank can cover around 1170 kilometres before needing to stop for fuel. If the vehicle is fitted with the optional 93-litre tank, the car can even cover up to 1500 kilometres between refuelling stops.

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