Important safety notes

While the vehicle is in motion, the tire pressure loss warning system monitors the set tire pressure using the rotational speed of the wheels. This enables the system to detect significant pressure loss in a tire. If the speed of rotation of a wheel changes as a result of a loss of pressure, a corresponding warning message will appear in the multifunction display.

If the Check Tire Pressure Soon message appears in the multifunction display, one or more tires are significantly underinflated.
Stop the vehicle as soon as possible and inflate the tires to the pressure specified on the vehicle's Tire and Loading Information placard or (where available) in the tire pressure table.
Driving on a significantly underinflated tire causes the tire to overheat and can lead to tire failure. Underinflation also reduces fuel efficiency and tire tread life, and may affect the vehicle's handling and stopping ability.
Check all tires when cold, including the spare tire, at least once a month. The tires should be inflated to the recommended pressure.
This information can be found:
Х on the Tire and Loading Information placard on the B-pillar on the driver's side
Х in the table for the tire pressure on the inside of the fuel filler flap

The tire pressure loss warning system does not provide a warning for wrongly selected tire inflation pressures. Always adjust tire inflation pressure according to the Tire and Loading Information placard on the driver's door B-pillar or on the tire inflation pressure label located on the inside of the fuel filler flap.
The tire pressure loss warning system does not replace regular checks of the tire inflation pressures since a gradual pressure loss in more than one tire cannot be detected by the tire pressure loss warning system.
The tire pressure loss warning system is not able to issue a warning due to a sudden dramatic loss of tire inflation pressure (e.g. tire blowout caused by a foreign object). In this case bring the vehicle to a halt by carefully applying the brakes and avoiding abrupt steering maneuvers.

The function of the tire pressure loss warning system is limited or delayed if:
Х snow chains are mounted to your vehicle's tires.
Х road conditions are wintry.
Х you are driving on sand or gravel.
Х you adopt a very sporty driving style (cornering at high speeds or driving with high rates of acceleration).
Х you are driving with a heavy load (in the vehicle or on the roof).

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