Checking tire pressure manually

To determine and set the correct tire pressure, proceed as follows:
be checked.  Remove the valve cap of the tire that is to be checked.
the valve.  Press the tire pressure gauge securely onto the valve.
the recommended value on the Tire and  Read the tire pressure and compare it with the recommended value on the Tire and Loading Information placard on the B-pillar on the driver's side of your vehicle.
the recommended value.  If necessary, increase the tire pressure to the recommended value.
by pressing down the metal pin in the valve  If the tire pressure is too high, release air by pressing down the metal pin in the valve using the tip of a pen, for example. Then check the tire pressure again using the tire pressure gauge.
  Repeat these steps for the other tires.  Screw the valve cap onto the valve.
Tire pressure loss warning system (Canada only)  Repeat these steps for the other tires.

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