Snow chains

For safety reasons, Mercedes-Benz recommends that you only use snow chains which have been specially approved for your vehicle by Mercedes-Benz, or are of a corresponding standard of quality.

snow There is not enough space for snow chains on some wheel sizes. Observe the information under "Tires and wheels" in the "Technical Data" section to avoid damage to the vehicle or the wheels.

Only use snow chains when driving on roads completely covered by snow. Do not exceed the maximum permissible speed of 30 mph (50 km/h). Remove the snow chains as soon as possible when you are no longer driving on snow-covered roads.
Local regulations may restrict the use of snow chains. Applicable regulations must be observed if you wish to mount snow chains.
Snow chains must not be mounted on emergency spare wheels.

If you intend to mount snow chains, please bear the following points in mind:
you may not attach snow chains to all wheel-tire combinations; see the information under "Wheel and tire combinations" in the "Wheels and tires" section.
mount snow chains only in pairs and only to the rear wheels. Observe the manufacturer's installation instructions.

the front If snow chains are mounted on the front wheels, the snow chains could grind against the bodywork or components of the chassis. This could result in damage to the vehicle or the tires.

if you wish Vehicles with steel wheels: if you wish to mount snow chains on steel wheels, make sure that you remove the respective wheels' hubcaps first. The hubcaps may otherwise be damaged.

ESP when pulling away with You may wish to deactivate ESP when pulling away with snow chains mounted. This way you can allow the wheels to spin in a controlled manner, achieving an increased driving force (cutting action).

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