Towing a vehicle with both axles on the ground

When having your vehicle towed, observe the important safety notes.

The power assistance for the steering and the brake force booster do not work when the engine is not running. You will then need much more effort to brake and steer the vehicle. Adapt your style of driving accordingly.

When towing with the hazard  Switch on the hazard warning lamps.

warning When towing with the hazard warning lamps switched on, use the combination switch as usual to signal a change of direction. In this case, only the turn signals for the desired direction flash. When the combination switch is reset, the hazard warning lamps start flashing again.

ignition lock.  Turn the SmartKey to position 2 in the ignition lock.
brake pedal and keep it depressed.  When the vehicle is stationary, depress the brake pedal and keep it depressed.
position N.  Shift the automatic transmission to position N.
  Release the parking brake.  Release the brake pedal.
Transporting the vehicle  Release the parking brake.

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