Mounting a new wheel

Always replace wheel bolts that are damaged or rusted.
Never apply oil or grease to wheel bolts.
Damaged wheel hub threads should be repaired immediately. Do not continue to drive under these circumstances! Contact an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center or call Roadside Assistance.
Incorrect wheel bolts or improperly tightened wheel bolts can cause the wheel to come off.
This could cause an accident. Make sure to use the correct wheel bolts.

Only use genuine Mercedes-Benz wheel bolts.
Other wheel bolts may come loose.
Do not tighten the wheel bolts when the vehicle is raised. Otherwise, the vehicle could fall off the jack.

Make sure to use the original length wheel bolts when remounting the original wheel after it has been repaired.

surfaces.  Clean the wheel and wheel hub contact surfaces.

paintwork, hold To prevent damage to the paintwork, hold the wheel securely against the wheel hub while screwing in the first wheel bolt.

  Place the emergency spare wheel on the

wheel hub and push it on.  Place the emergency spare wheel on the wheel hub and push it on.
finger-tight.  Tighten the wheel bolts until they are finger-tight.

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