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all This Operator's Manual describes all models and all standard and optional equipment of your vehicle available at the time of publication of the Operator's Manual. Country-specific differences are possible. Please note that your vehicle may not be equipped with all features described. This also applies to safetyrelated systems and functions.

qualified Please read the information on qualified specialist workshops.

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    Removing the towing eye
    Ц Loosen the towing eye and unscrew it. Ц Attach cover 1 or 2 to the bumper and press until it engages. Ц Place the towing eye in the vehicle tool kit. ...

    Important safety notes
    WARNING Gasoline and diesel fuels are highly flammable and poisonous. They burn violently and can cause serious injury. Never allow sparks, flames or smoking materials near gasoline or die ...

    Starting procedure with the SmartKey
    To start the engine using the SmartKey instead of KEYLESS-GO, pull the Start/ Stop button out of the ignition lock. Х►  To start a gasoline engine: turn the SmartKey to position 3 in ...