Cleaning the wiper blades

Before cleaning the windshield or wiper blades, switch off the windshield wipers and remove the SmartKey from the ignition lock.
On vehicles with KEYLESS-GO, press the Start/Stop button repeatedly until all indicator lamps in the instrument cluster have gone out. The windshield wipers could otherwise move and injure you.

away from Only fold the windshield wipers away from the windshield when vertical. Otherwise, you will damage the hood.

Otherwise, Do not pull the wiper blade. Otherwise, the wiper blade could be damaged.

often and Do not clean wiper blades too often and do not rub them too hard. Otherwise, the graphite coating could be damaged. This could cause wiper noise.

windshield.  Fold the wiper arms away from the windshield.
damp cloth.  Carefully clean the wiper blades with a damp cloth.
before switching on the ignition.  Fold the windshield wipers back again before switching on the ignition.

folding Hold the wiper arm securely when folding back. The windshield could be damaged if the wiper arm smacks against it suddenly.

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