Matte finish care

If your vehicle has a clear matte finish, observe the following instructions in order to avoid damage to the paintwork due to incorrect care.

These notes also apply to light alloy wheels with a clear matte finish.

light alloy Never polish the vehicle or the light alloy wheels. Polishing causes the finish to shine.

paint to The following may cause the paint to become shiny and thus reduce the matte effect:
Х Vigorous rubbing with unsuitable materials.
Х Frequent use of car washes.
Х Washing the vehicle in direct sunlight.

or Never use paint cleaner, buffing or polishing products, or gloss preserver, e.g. wax. These products are only suitable for high-gloss surfaces. Their use on vehicles with matte finish leads to considerable surface damage (shiny, spotted areas).
Always have paintwork repairs performed at a qualified specialist workshop, e.g. an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center.

hot wax Do not use wash programs with a hot wax treatment under any circumstances.

washed The vehicle should preferably be washed by hand using a soft sponge, car shampoo and plenty of water.

shampoo Use only insect remover and car shampoo from the range of recommended and approved Mercedes-Benz care products.

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