Washing by hand

In some countries, washing by hand is only allowed at specially equipped washing bays.

Observe the legal requirements in all countries concerned.

vehicle in direct sunlight.  Do not use hot water and do not wash the vehicle in direct sunlight.
  Use a mild cleaning agent, such as a car  Use a soft sponge to clean.
shampoo approved by Mercedes-Benz.  Use a mild cleaning agent, such as a car shampoo approved by Mercedes-Benz.
gentle jet of water.  Thoroughly hose down the vehicle with a gentle jet of water.
the air inlet.  Do not point the water jet directly towards the air inlet.
sponge frequently.  Use plenty of water and rinse out the sponge frequently.
thoroughly with a chamois.  Rinse the vehicle with clean water and dry thoroughly with a chamois.
paintwork.  Do not let the cleaning agent dry on the paintwork.

When using the vehicle in winter, remove all traces of road salt deposits carefully and as soon as possible.

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