Automatic car wash

Braking efficiency is reduced after washing the vehicle. This could cause an accident. For this reason, you must drive particularly carefully after washing the vehicle until the brakes have dried.

You can wash the vehicle in an automatic car wash from the very start.

Touchless Never clean your vehicle in a Touchless Automatic Car Wash as these use special cleaning agents. These cleaning agents can damage the paintwork or plastic parts.

If the vehicle is very dirty, pre-wash it before cleaning it in an automatic car wash.

transmission is in position N when washing Make sure that the automatic transmission is in position N when washing your vehicle in a tow-through car wash. The vehicle could be damaged if the transmission is in another position.

Х the side windows and the sliding sunroof are fully closed. Make sure that:

Х the side windows and the sliding sunroof are fully closed.
Х the ventilation/heating is switched off (the OFF button has been pressed).

Х the windshield wiper switch is in position 0.
Otherwise, the vehicle might be damaged.

After using an automatic car wash, wipe off wax from the windshield and the wiper blades. This will prevent smears and reduce wiping noises caused by residue on the windshield.

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