Coolant temperature display

Driving when your engine is overheated can cause some fluids which may have leaked into the engine compartment to catch fire. You could be seriously burned.
Steam from an overheated engine can cause serious burns which can occur just by opening the engine hood. Stay away from the engine if you see or hear steam coming from it.
Stop the vehicle in a safe location away from other traffic. Turn off the engine, get out of the vehicle and do not stand near the vehicle until the engine has cooled down.

The coolant temperature gauge is in the instrument cluster on the left-hand side.

Under normal operating conditions and with the specified coolant level, the coolant temperature may rise to 248 ∞F (120 ∞C).

display message is shown. If the coolant temperature is too high a display message is shown.
If the coolant temperature rises above 248 ∞F(120 ∞C), do not drive any further as this could damage the engine.

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