115 V power socket

The 115V AC socket operates at high voltage.

Use the 115V AC socket in the vehicle with the same caution and prudence that you exercise when using power outlets at home.

Keep any fluids away from the 115V AC socket. Do not clean the socket with fluids or tapered objects. Keep the 115V AC socket cover in the closed position, when not in use.

Otherwise, you could suffer an electric shock and be seriously or even fatally injured.

Any device that you connect must have a suitable plug and meet U.S. standards. Never pull at a cable to disconnect a plug from a 115 V AC power socket. Never use a damaged connection cable. The 115 V AC power socket must never be connected to another 115 V AC power source. Do not use a converter with an earthed plug for the 115 V AC power socket. This could cause serious injury to you and/or other people.

If the 115V AC socket is damaged or torn out of the trim, do not use or touch the 115V AC socket. Using a 115V AC socket that is damaged or torn out of the trim could cause serious personal injury to you and/or others.

115 V socket 1 provides an alternating

115 V socket 1 provides an alternating voltage of 115 V, so that small electronic devices can be connected. These devices, such as games consoles, chargers and laptops, together should not consume more than a maximum of 150 W.

Requirements for operation of these devices:

Rthe plug of the electronic device must be inserted fully into 115 V power socket 1.

Rthe maximum wattage of the device to be connected must not exceed 150 W.

Rthe on-board power supply is within a permissible volt range.

Rthe 12 V sockets in the rear and the cargo compartment/trunk are operational.

Х► Open flap 3.

Х► Insert the plug of the electronic device into 115 V power socket 1.

Indicator lamp 2 lights up.

If indicator lamp 2 does not light up, consult the section on malfunctions.

Х► To turn off: disconnect the plug from 115 V power socket 1.

Ensure that you do not pull on the cord.

Х► Close flap 3.

Possible causes of malfunction:

 - the on-board power supply is not within a permissible volt range.

 - the temperature of the DC/AC converter is temporarily too high.

 - some small electronic devices have a constant nominal power of less than 150 W, but a very high inrush current.

These devices will not work. If you connect such a device, 115 V power socket 1 will not supply it with power.

If indicator lamp 2 still does not light up, contact a specialist workshop, e.g. an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center.

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