Sun visors

Overview of sun visors

Do not use the vanity mirror while driving.

Keep the vanity mirrors in the sun visors closed while the vehicle is in motion.

Reflected glare can endanger you and others.

1. Mirror light

1. Mirror light
2. Additional sun visor
3. Bracket
4. Retaining clip, e.g. for a car park ticket
5. Vanity mirror
6. Mirror cover

Vanity mirror in the sun visor

Mirror light 1 only functions if the sun visor is clipped into retainer 3 and mirror cover 6 has been folded up.

Glare from the side

Х► Fold down sun visor 1.

Х► Fold down sun visor 1.

Х► Pull sun visor 1 out of retainer 3.

Х► Swing sun visor 1 to the side.

Х► Vehicles with an additional sun visor: slide sun visor 1 horizontally as desired.

Х► Fold down additional sun visor 2.

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