Downloading destinations in COMAND

and Information on the components and operating principles of COMAND can be found in the separate COMAND operating instructions.

Download function if the vehicle is You can only use the Destination Download function if the vehicle is equipped with a navigation system.

Destination Download gives you access to a database with over 15 million points of interest (POIs)/important destinations that can be downloaded onto the navigation system of your vehicle. If you know the destination, you can download the address or obtain the location of points of interest (POIs)/important destinations in the surrounding area.

You are prompted to confirm route guidance to the address entered.

The system calculates the route and subsequently starts the route guidance with the address entered.

address can be stored If you select No, the address can be stored in the address book.

function is The Destination Download function is available if the corresponding mobile phone network is available and data transfer is possible.

Route Assistance

This service is part of the mbrace PLUS Package and cannot be purchased separately.

Assistance You can also use the Route Assistance function if your vehicle is not equipped with a navigation system.

Within the framework of this service, you receive a professional and reliable form of navigation support without having to leave your vehicle.

The customer service representative determines a suitable driving route based on your current vehicle position and the desired destination and guides you live through the current sections of the route.

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