Activating/deactivating PRE-SAFE Brake

PRE-SAFE Brake is only available in vehicles with DISTRONIC PLUS.

or Press the button on the or steering wheel to select the DriveAssist button on the steering wheel to select the DriveAssist menu.
or Press to select PRE-SAFE or Brake. to select PRE-SAFE Brake.
. Press The current selection is displayed..
The current selection is displayed.
press To activate/deactivate: press again. again.

When PRE-SAFE Brake is activated, the multifunction display shows the function is not activated. symbol as long as the HOLD function is not activated.

Vehicles with Parking Guidance: if PARKTRONIC is activated and you are driving at a speed under 22 mph (35 km/h) the symbol for Parking Guidance is displayed symbol for Parking Guidance is displayed instead of the Activating/deactivating ATTENTION ASSIST symbol.

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