Hill start assist

Hill start assist helps you when pulling away forwards or in reverse on an uphill gradient.

It holds the vehicle for a short time after you have removed your foot from the brake pedal.

This gives you enough time to move your foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator pedal and depress it before the vehicle begins to roll.

Never leave the vehicle when it is held by hill start assist. After approximately one second, hill start assist will no longer brake your vehicle and it could roll away.

pedal. Take your foot off the brake pedal.

off the Once you have taken your foot off the brake pedal, the vehicle is held for around one second.

Hill start assist will not function if: Pull away.

Hill start assist will not function if:
Х you are pulling away on a level road or a downhill gradient.
Х the transmission is in position N.
Х the parking brake is applied.
Х ESPЃ is malfunctioning.

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