Adjusting the seats electrically

function: the Vehicles without Memory function: the seats can be adjusted within three minutes of a front door being opened.

The time period starts over again if, within these three minutes, you:
Х open or close a front door
Х insert the SmartKey into the ignition lock or remove it from the ignition lock
Х switch the ignition on or off

If the SmartKey is in position 2 in the ignition lock, the seats can be adjusted at any time.

Depending on the equipment, the seat adjustment buttons are either located on the side of the seat or on the door control panel.

1 Head restraint height

1 Head restraint height
2 Seat cushion angle
3 Seat height
4 Seat fore-and-aft adjustment
5 Backrest angle

1 Seat cushion angle

1 Seat cushion angle
2 Seat height
3 Seat fore-and-aft adjustment
4 Backrest angle

using the You can store the seat settings using the memory function

seat AMG vehicles are equipped with a seat featuring an integrated head restraint and the head restraint adjustment button is deactivated. It is therefore not possible to set the height and angle of the head restraint.

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