General notes

If the vehicle can no longer be locked or unlocked with the SmartKey, use the mechanical key.

If you use the mechanical key to unlock and open the driver's door or the trunk lid, the anti-theft alarm system will be triggered.

There are several ways to turn off the alarm:

the SmartKey: press the  or To turn the alarm off with the SmartKey: press the button on the SmartKey. or or button on the SmartKey.


ignition lock. Insert the SmartKey into the ignition lock.


KEYLESS-GO: To deactivate the alarm with KEYLESS-GO: press the Start/Stop button in the ignition lock. The SmartKey must be in the vehicle.


KEYLESS-GO. The SmartKey must be outside the Lock or unlock the vehicle using KEYLESS-GO. The SmartKey must be outside the vehicle.

If you unlock the vehicle using the mechanical key, the fuel filler flap will not be unlocked automatically.

flap: insert the SmartKey in the ignition lock. To unlock the fuel filler flap: insert the SmartKey in the ignition lock.

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