Window curtain air bags

The window curtain air bags enhance the level of protection for the head, but not chest or arms, of the vehicle occupants on the side of the vehicle on which the impact occurs.

The window curtain air bags are integrated into the side of the roof frame and deploy in the area from the A-pillar to the C-pillar.

Window curtain air bags 1 are deployed:

Window curtain air bags 1 are deployed:
Х on the side on which an impact occurs
Х at the start of an accident with a high rate of lateral vehicle deceleration or acceleration, e.g. in a side impact
Х regardless of whether the front-passenger seat is occupied
Х independently of seat belt use
Х independently of the front air bags

Window curtain air bags 1 will not deploy in impacts with deceleration rates which do not exceed the system's preset deployment thresholds for vehicle deceleration or acceleration. You will then be protected by the fastened seat belt.

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