Displays and controls

Displays and controls
Displays and controls

1 Fuel gauge
2 Coolant temperature
3 Speedometer with segments
4 Multifunction display
5 Tachometer
6 Instrument cluster lighting brightness control: turn clockwise or counterclockwise

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    Important notes on the use of KEYLESSGO
    The KEYLESS-GO key can be used like a conventional key. You can combine KEYLESS-GO functions with those of a conventional key, e.g. unlock with KEYLESS-GO and lock with the button. Always ...

    Speedometer with segments
    The segments in the speedometer indicate which speed range is available. Cruise control (Y page 167) activated: The segments light up from the stored speed to the maximum speed. DISTRONIC PLUS ...

    Resetting values
    You can reset the values of the following functions: - Trip odometer - Trip computer "From start" - Trip computer "From reset" – Press the or button on the steering whee ...