The Service and Warranty Booklet describes all the necessary maintenance work which should be done at regular intervals.

Always have the Service and Warranty Booklet with you when you bring the vehicle to an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center. The service advisor will record every service for you in the Service and Warranty Booklet.

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    Vehicle identification number (VIN)
    The vehicle identification number (VIN) can be found in the following locations: Х on the vehicle identification plate Х at the lower edge of the windshield In addition to being stamped on th ...

    Removing the towing eye
    Ц Loosen the towing eye and unscrew it. Ц Attach cover 1 or 2 to the bumper and press until it engages. Ц Place the towing eye in the vehicle tool kit. ...

    This is the part of the wheel on which the tire is mounted. ...