ESP trailer stabilization

If your vehicle with trailer (vehicle/trailer combination) begins to lurch, you can only stabilize the vehicle/trailer combination by depressing the brake firmly.

In this situation, ESP assists you and can detect if the vehicle/trailer combination begins to lurch. ESP slows the vehicle down by braking and limiting the engine output until the vehicle/trailer combination has stabilized.

Trailer stabilization is active from a speed of approximately 40 mph(65 km/h).


The system will not be able to assist when the trailer jackknifes

  • if the ESP has switched off due to a malfunction
  • on wet or icy roads
  • on roads with slippery surface
  • in sand or gravel

Trailers with a high center of gravity may tip over before the system recognizes swaying of the trailer.

Trailer stabilization does not work if ESP is deactivated or disabled because of a malfunction.

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