Selecting the unit of measurement for distance

The Display Unit Speed-/Odometer: function allows you to choose whether certain displays appear in kilometers or miles.

The selected unit of measurement for distance applies to:
Х the analog speedometer
Х the digital speedometer in the Trip menu
Х the odometer and the trip odometer
Х the trip computer
Х the navigation instruction in the Navi menu
Х ASSYST PLUS service interval display

The digital speedometer shows alternative speed units.

button on the Press the button on the or steering wheel to select the Settings button on the steering wheel to select the Settings menu.

button to select Press the button to select or Units. button to select Units.

Press the  button to save the Press the Press the  button to save the button to confirm.

setting. Press the setting. button to save the setting.

The unit switches between km/h and mph.

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