Switching the daytime running lamps on/off

This function is not available in Canada.

If you have activated the Daytime Running Light function and the light switch is in the position, the daytime running or lamps are switched on automatically when position, the daytime running lamps are switched on automatically when the engine is running.

In the dark, the following also light up:
Х the parking lamps
Х the tail lamps
Х the license plate lamp
Х the side marker lamps

position, the corresponding lights are switched on. If you switch off the daytime running lamps at night, make sure that the light switch is set to . or The factory setting is On..

The factory setting is On.

button on the Press the button on the or steering wheel to select the Settings button on the steering wheel to select the Settings menu.

button to select Press the button to select or Day Running Lights. button to select Day Running Lights.

To activate/deactivate: press Press the To activate/deactivate: press button to confirm.

To activate/deactivate: press again. again.

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