Fogged up or dirty windshield

If the windshield in front of the camera is fogged up or dirty on the inside or outside, the Night View Assist Plus display is affected.

Please do not forget that your primary responsibility is to drive the vehicle. A driver's attention to the road must always be his/her primary focus when driving. For your safety and the safety of others, stop before trying to remove window fogging or cleaning the windshield in front of the Night View Assist Plus camera.
Bear in mind that at a speed of just 30 mph (approximately 50 km/h), your vehicle is covering a distance of 44 feet (approximately 14 m) every second.

conditioning settings and fold To defrost: check the automatic air conditioning settings and fold down the camera cover.

clean the windshield To defrost the inside of the windshield: fold down the camera cover and clean the windshield

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