Guide lines in the COMAND display

Use of rear view camera can be dangerous if you are color-blind or have impaired color vision.
Only use rear view camera if you can see and distinguish all colored guidelines shown by rear view camera on the COMAND system display.

Please note that objects that do not touch the ground may appear to be further away than they actually are, for example:
Х the bumper of a vehicle parked behind you
Х the trailer drawbar
Х the ball coupling of a trailer tow hitch
Х the rear end of a truck
Х a slanted post
In such cases, you should not use the guide lines to judge the distance. You may misjudge the distance, which increases the risk of impacting the objects.
Even if the object you approach is directly on the ground, do not approach the object any closer than the red guide line.

Information in the COMAND display (example)
Information in the COMAND display (example)

Guide lines 2 and 3 show the approximate distance to the rear area. Yellow guide line 2 indicates a distance of approximately 3 ft (1 m) and red guide line 3 indicates a distance of approximately 10 in (0.25 m). The distances only apply to objects that are at ground level. Blue guide lines 1 depict the width required for the vehicle. They are used to align the vehicle with the edge of the road, e.g. the curb.

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