Deactivating the HOLD function

The HOLD function is deactivated automatically if:
Х you accelerate and the transmission is in position D or R.
Х you shift the transmission to position P.
Х you apply the brakes again with a certain amount of pressure until HOLD disappears from the instrument cluster.
Х you secure the vehicle using the electric parking brake.
Х you activate DISTRONIC PLUS.

secures the vehicle and relieves the service After a time, the electric parking brake secures the vehicle and relieves the service brake.

Never get out of the vehicle when the HOLD function is activated.
The HOLD function must never be operated or deactivated by a passenger or from outside the vehicle.
The HOLD function does not replace the electric parking brake and must not be used for parking.
The braking effect of the HOLD function is canceled and the vehicle could roll away if:
Х the HOLD function is deactivated by depressing the accelerator pedal or the brake pedal.
Х there is a malfunction in the system or an interruption in the power supply, e.g. battery failure.
Х the electrical system in the engine compartment, the battery or the fuses are tampered with.
Х the battery is disconnected.

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