Important safety notes

Gasoline and diesel fuels are highly flammable and poisonous. They burn violently and can cause serious injury.
Never allow sparks, flames or smoking materials near gasoline or diesel fuel!

Turn off the engine before refueling.
Whenever you are around gasoline or diesel fuel, avoid inhaling fumes and any skin or clothing contact. Extinguish all smoking materials.
Direct skin contact with fuels and the inhalation of fuel vapors are damaging your health.

Overfilling of the fuel tank may create pressure in the system which could cause a gas discharge. This could cause the gasoline to spray back out when removing the fuel pump nozzle, which could cause personal injury.

Hybrid vehicles: be sure to read the "HYBRID" supplement. Otherwise, you could fail to recognize dangers.

Do not fill diesel tanks with gasoline. Do not mix diesel fuel with gasoline. Otherwise the fuel system and engine could be damaged. In addition, the vehicle could catch fire.

a diesel engine. Do not use diesel to refuel Do not use gasoline to refuel vehicles with a diesel engine. Do not use diesel to refuel vehicles with a gasoline engine. Even a small quantity of the wrong fuel will damage the fuel system and engine.

accidentally refuel with the wrong fuel. Do not switch on the ignition if you accidentally refuel with the wrong fuel.
Otherwise, the fuel will enter the fuel lines.
Notify a qualified specialist workshop and have the fuel tank and fuel lines drained completely.

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