Transfer case

This section is only valid for vehicles with 4- wheel drive (4MATIC). Power is always transmitted to both axles.

out on a 2-axle dynamometer. The brake Performance tests may only be carried out on a 2-axle dynamometer. The brake system or transfer case could otherwise be damaged. Contact a qualified specialist workshop for a performance test.
Mercedes-Benz recommends that you use an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center for this purpose.

ignition must be switched off (SmartKey or To prevent ESPЃ from intervening, the ignition must be switched off (SmartKey or the Start/Stop button in position 0 or 1) if:
Х the electric parking brake is being tested on a brake dynamometer.
Х the vehicle is being towed with only one axle raised (not permitted for vehicles with 4MATIC).

The brake system could otherwise be damaged.

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