General information

The ECO start/stop function is only available for the S 63 AMG.

The ECO start/stop function is only available in drive program C.

The ECO start/stop function switches the engine off automatically when the vehicle stops moving.

The engine starts automatically when the driver wants to pull away again. The ECO start/stop function thereby helps you to reduce the fuel consumption and emissions of your vehicle.

The ECO start/stop function is activated each time the engine is switched on. If all the requirements are fulfilled for automatic engine switch-off, the green multifunction display and Stop/Start ECO symbol is shown in the multifunction display and Stop/Start active appears. If not all of the requirements are fulfilled, the shown ECO symbol is shown in yellow and Stop/Start inactive appears.

If the ECO start/stop function is deactivated, the WARNING symbol is not shown.

If the engine is switched off and the ECO symbol is shown in green in the multifunction display, the engine has been switched off automatically. All of the vehicle's systems remain active. If you open the door, unfasten your seat belt or remove your foot from the brake pedal, the engine will automatically start. The vehicle may begin moving. You could suffer serious or even fatal injury or cause an accident resulting in injury or death.
Never leave the vehicle while the ECO symbol in the multifunction display is shown in green or yellow. Always secure the vehicle against rolling away before leaving it.

key with you when leaving the vehicle. Always switch the ignition off and take the key with you when leaving the vehicle.

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