Notes on using climate control

Below, you can find a number of notes and recommendations to help you use climate control optimally.

Х Activate climate control using the rocker switch. The indicator lamp in the rocker switch. The indicator lamp in the Х Set the temperature to 72 ∞F (22 ∞C). rocker switch lights up.

Х Set the temperature to 72 ∞F (22 ∞C).

Х Only use the "defrosting" function briefly until the windshield is clear again.

Х Only use "air-recirculation" mode briefly, e.g. if there are unpleasant outside odors or when in a tunnel. The windows could otherwise fog up as, in air-recirculation mode, no fresh air is drawn into the vehicle.

Х Use the residual heat function if you want to heat or ventilate the vehicle interior when the ignition is switched off. The "residual heat" function can only be activated or deactivated with the ignition switched off.

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