Automatic climate control panel

Front control panel
Front control panel

1 Sets climate control to automatic mode, left 2 Sets the temperature, left 3 Sets the airflow, left 4 Defrosts the windshield 5 Activates/deactivates air-recirculation mode 6 Switches climate control on /off 7 Switches the residual heat function on/off 8 Switches the rear window defroster on/off 9 Sets the airflow, right 10 Sets the temperature, right 11 Sets climate control to automatic mode, right

Rear control panel
Rear control panel

12 Sets the temperature, left
13 Sets the air distribution, left
14 Sets the airflow
15 OFF Switches rear-compartment climate control off
AUTO Sets rear-compartment climate control to automatic mode
MAN Sets rear-compartment climate control to manual mode
16 Sets the air distribution, right
17 Sets the temperature, right

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