Depending on the date of manufacture of your vehicle, the symbol for the or automatic headlamp mode/daytime running symbol for the automatic headlamp mode/daytime running lamps is located on the light switch.

Left-hand standing lamps

Left-hand standing lamps
Right-hand standing lamps
Lights off/daytime running lamps
running lamps Automatic headlamp mode/daytime running lamps
instrument cluster lighting Parking lamps, license plate and instrument cluster lighting
Low-beam/high-beam headlamps
Front fog lamps
The turn signals, high-beam headlamps and Rear fog lamp

The turn signals, high-beam headlamps and the high-beam flasher are operated using the combination switch.

lamps when you leave the vehicle. This Switch off the parking lamps and standing lamps when you leave the vehicle. This prevents the battery from discharging.

The exterior lighting (except the parking/ standing lamps) switches off automatically if you:
• remove the SmartKey from the ignition lock
• open the driver's door with the SmartKey in position 0

If you hear a warning tone when you leave the vehicle, the lights may still be switched on.

. Turn the light switch to . or or.

or the light switch in to the stop. If the rear fog lamp is switched on: press the light switch in to the stop.

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