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models and all standard and optional This Operator's Manual describes all models and all standard and optional equipment of your vehicle available at the time of publication of the Operator's Manual. Country-specific differences are possible. Please note that your vehicle may not be equipped with all features described. This also applies to safetyrelated systems and functions.

specialist workshops. Please read the information on qualified specialist workshops.

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    Switching the daytime running lamps on/off
    This function is not available in Canada. If you have activated the Daytime Running Light function and the light switch is in the or position, the daytime running lamps are switched on autom ...

    Accepting a call
    If someone calls you when you are in the Tel menu, a display message appears in the multifunction display, for example: •► Press the button on the steering wheel to accept an incomin ...

    Important safety notes
    The rear view camera is an optical parking and maneuvering aid. It shows the area behind your vehicle with guide lines in the COMAND display. WARNING Make sure that no persons or animals are ...