Inserting a CD/DVD

The CD/DVD drive is located in the center behind the front seats.

1 Disc slot

1 Disc slot
2 Eject button

The CD/DVD drive is a single disc drive. If there is already a disc inserted, this must be ejected before another is inserted.

The printed side of the disc must face Insert a disc into the disc slot.

The printed side of the disc must face upwards. If neither side of the disc is printed, the side you wish to play must face downwards.

The CD/DVD drive draws in the disc.

The CD/DVD drive plays the disc:

The CD/DVD drive plays the disc:
• if it has been inserted correctly and is a permissible disc, and
• after you have switched on disc mode (audio CD/audio DVD/MP3 mode)

Data on an MP3 CD first needs to be loaded by the drive. Loading may take some time, depending on the number of folders and tracks.

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