Multiple users

Simultaneous use of the rearcompartment disc drive

The two rear-compartment screens can be operated almost entirely independently from one another. However, there can be a conflict in some menus if the two screens are used simultaneously.

If the rear-compartment disc drive is being used for both screens simultaneously, selecting certain menus or settings on one of the screens also affects the other screen.

The following functions affect both screens:
Х changing playback options
Х selecting a track (from a track list or folder)
Х using the play, pause and stop functions
Х fast forwarding/rewinding or scrolling
Х calling up the DVD menu and navigating within it
Х setting the language, subtitles and camera angle
Х calling up interactive DVD content

The following functions affect only one screen:
Х audio and video functions as well as picture settings
Х switching between full screen and the menu

Switching between operating modes

When you exit an operating mode (e.g. audio CD mode), the current setting is saved. If you call up this operating mode again later, there are two possibilities:
Х the operating mode has been changed on the other screen.
Х the operating mode has not been changed.

In the first case, the operating mode appears as it is on the other screen.

In the second case, the setting appears on the screen as it was when you last exited the operating mode.

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