Important safety notes

The RSE CD/DVD player is a Class 1 laser product. There is a danger of invisible laser radiation when you open or damage the cover.
Do not remove the cover. The RSE CD/DVD player does not contain any parts which can be serviced by the user. For safety reasons, have any necessary service work performed by qualified personnel.

The driver should not wear a Rear Seat Entertainment headset while operating the vehicle under any circumstances. The use of a headset while driving the vehicle could drastically impair the ability to react to audible traffic conditions (e.g. emergency sirens from police/fire/ambulance, another car's horn, etc.).

When not in use, headsets or external video sources should be stored in a safe location (e.g. one of the vehicle's storage compartments) so that they are not loose within the passenger compartment during braking, vehicle maneuvers or a traffic accident. Objects moving within the passenger compartment could cause serious personal injury to vehicle occupants.

Due to a potential choking hazard, wired headset usage by children should only occur with adult supervision.

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