Selecting a scene/chapter

If the film is divided into scenes or chapters, you can select them directly while the film is running, or skip forwards step-by-step. Some DVDs do not permit this at certain points (e.g.

during the opening credits).

It may also be possible to select the scene/chapter from within the menu stored on the DVD.

or To skip forwards or back: turn slide  the COMAND controller. or slide The control menu appears for the COMAND controller.

The control menu appears for approximately eight seconds.

COMAND. On the multifunction steering wheel: switch on video DVD mode in COMAND.

button to select the Use the button to select the or Audio menu. button to select the Audio menu.

to select a scene/chapter. Press to select a scene/chapter. or If you press and hold  or to select a scene/chapter.

If you press and hold for an or extended period, rapid scroll begins. for an extended period, rapid scroll begins.

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