DVD playback conditions

If video DVDs do not conform to the NTSC or PAL TV standards, they may create picture, sound or other problems during playback.

COMAND can play back video DVDs produced according to the following standards:
• region code 1 or region code 0 (no region code)

region code, you will see a message to this If you insert a video DVD with a different region code, you will see a message to this effect.

• PAL or NTSC standard

You will generally find the relevant details either on the DVD itself or on the DVD case.

factory. This setting can be changed at an COMAND is set to region code 1 at the factory. This setting can be changed at an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center. This will allow you to play video DVDs with a different region code, provided that they are produced in accordance with the PAL or NTSC standard. The region code can be changed up to five times.

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