Notes about discs

There may be playback problems when playing copied discs. There are a large variety of discs, DVD authoring software, writing software and writers available. This variety means that there is no guarantee that the system will be able to play discs that you have copied yourself.

as they could peel off and damage Do not affix stickers or labels to the discs, as they could peel off and damage COMAND. Stickers can cause the disc to bend, which can result in read errors and disc recognition problems.

discs which comply with the EN 60908 COMAND is designed to accommodate discs which comply with the EN 60908 standard. You can therefore only use discs with a maximum thickness of 1.3 mm.
If you insert thicker discs, e.g. those that contain data on both sides (DVD on one side and audio data on the other), they cannot be ejected and can damage COMAND.
Use round discs with a diameter of 12 cm.
Do not use discs with a diameter of 8 cm, even with an adapter.

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