Activating audio AUX mode

When you connect an external audio source, audio AUX is not selected automatically.

sliding  and turning Select Audio in the main function bar by sliding the COMAND and turning controller and press  to confirm. the COMAND controller and press Select AUX using to confirm.

and press Select AUX using to and press to to confirm.

The audio AUX menu appears. The medium in the external audio source is played, if the source is connected and playback selected.

Please see the respective operating

Please see the respective operating instructions for how to operate the external audio source.

You will find details on volume and sound settings in the "At a glance" section.

External audio sources may have different volumes, which can mean that system messages such as traffic announcements and navigation system announcements are much louder. If necessary, please deactivate the system messages or adjust their volume manually.

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